Embodying The Four Immeasurables with Dr. Mario Martinez

Very insightful lecture by dr Mario Martinez.

Among many topics:
Why culture is more important than genes.
How emotions affect our biology particularly immune system.
Why you cannot love your enemy before you get angry with them.
What is cancer personality.
How shame can trigger inflammation.

He also talks about very interesting study on Tibetan monks who have diabetes and puts a lot of emphasis on embodiment (feeling in the body instead of intellectualizing).

When the body says No

Very insightful lecture by Dr Gabor Maté. Among many topics, what is the origin of chronic and autoimmune diseases (like asthma), how beliefs and roles people play can literally kill them, about the importance of healthy anger in our lives and why healing childhood traumas is vital to our health.
Goes beautifully in line with META-Health.

If you’d like to see more lectures like this one please go to:
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META-Health International Conference 2014

META-Health Int. Conf. big

The 6th International META-Health Conference is an exciting and informative event that brings together the cutting-edge field of META-Health with the latest understanding of mind-body medicine, consciousness and personal development.

Designed to inspire, the Conference is an unmissable opportunity for everyone who is interested in integrative health, mind-body awareness, personal transformation and wellbeing.

If you’re new to META-Health, you’ll gain a whole new level of awareness and health understanding that enhances all therapies and approaches. If you’re already a META-Health Professional, you’ll gain fresh perspectives, deeper understanding and update your skills.

With a packed programme of talks, workshops, panel discussions and personal stories, you will hear leading experts in the fields of META-Health and mind-body medicine sharing their ideas, research and practical approaches.

Friday 12th – Sunday 14th September: Main META Health Conference
Monday 15th – Tuesday 16th September: Advanced Training for META-Health Professionals
Wednesday 17th – Monday 22nd September: Post-Conference Training

The St Johns Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 1AT, United Kingdom.

Please go to www.metahealthconference.org for details.


Be META-Healthy FREE Online World Summit

30 World-Renowned Health Experts shared with the world how to improve our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship and financial health. They introduced a revolutionary New Healing Paradigm and showed the power of nutrition, emotions, thoughts, social environment, lifestyle, compassion, forgiveness and love and how it effects our body and mind.

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2-Hour LIVE Q&A Panel: Are you META-Healthy? Stress, Emotions and Beliefs affecting your Organ Health – By Invitation Only
Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013 with Johannes R. Fisslinger, Diana Stefani MD, Rob van Overbruggen PhD, Lars Mygind

Did you always wanted to ask specific questions about your health issues to a panel of Integrative Health and META-Health experts? Do you want to learn which specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs are affecting your bodymind symptoms? And what you can do to achieve Body-Mind-Social Health? In this by-invitation-only 2-hours LIVE panel you can ask questions via Social Media or Email which will be answered live. The panel will be moderated by Johannes R. Fisslinger and features Diana Stefani MD, Rob van Overbruggen PhD, Lars Mygind and surprise expert.

“What is your FOOD-TURE?” LIVE Nutrition and Health Questions you always wanted to ask a Celebrity Health Expert – By Invitation Only
Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 with Lene Hansson

Lene, known in Denmark and Europe as one of the leading authorities in nutrition and healthy living and author of 27 bestsellers over the last 20 years, will discuss the future of food. In this LIVE online session you will be able to interact with Lene via Social Media and ask your personal questions about your health issues, your eating habits or your lifestyle. Discover how to feel more energetic, happier and healthier taking Lene’s advice.

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Revolutionary New Healing Wisdom at the Integrative Medicine Online World Summit from November 21-30, 2013

Join Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel, David Katz MD, David Wolfe, Mimi Guarneri MD, Gary Craig, Deborah King, Mariel Hemingway, John Robbins, Adriana and Tad James and other world-renowned Integrative Medicine and META-Health experts November 21-30, 2013 at the Be META-Healthy Integrative Medicine Online World Summit.

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The Online Summit is a FREE online event to educate and inspire people from all over the world to become aware of new innovative knowledge and methods for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well-being. You’ll learn innovative and groundbreaking solutions for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Back Pain, Eczema, Cancer, Overweight, Stress, Aging, Dementia, Osteoporosis, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, ADHD, Bipolar, Fibromyalgia, IBS, CFS, MS, AIDS, Genetic Diseases, and more.

Be META-Healthy Online World Summit Nov. 21-30 with Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel, Gary Craig and more

What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrative Medicine is an approach to treatment and care that integrates conventional medicine with a broader understanding of illness, healing and wellness and looks at all available methods that may be a value in treating disease and illness. It takes into account the whole person and all aspects of lifestyle and restores the focus of medicine on health and healing and away from disease symptom management. It’s a practical strategy that puts the patient at the center of care and addresses the full range of mind, body, spirit and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. Integrative Medicine treats both the patients immediate and long-term needs enhancing the ability of patients to not only get well but more importantly stay well.

What is META-Health?
META-Health is the Art and Science of Self-Healing and a branch within the field of integrative medicine. It is revolutionizing holistic diagnosis and therapy by understanding our body’s healing intelligence and the impact of specific stress triggers, emotions and beliefs that are affecting our organ symptoms. META-Health is using the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection and the major 9 Points and Phases of Healing to remove blockages and allow self-healing to happen.

How to attend the Be META-Healthy Online Conference?
The Online World Summit is a 10-day online conference brought to you around the world via streaming video. You can listen for FREE to all 30 life-transforming presentations by signing up at META-Health Online Summit or download the digital files or get a CD collection incl. extensive bonus gifts valued at over $ 5,000.

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The summit is hosted by the nonprofit Intl. META-Health Association which is the worldwide accreditation and certification board for all META-Health Professionals and Trainers. The Summit is supported by a wide network of health organizations, media and health professional organizations.


What is META-Health?

Key aspects of META-Health.

One of the key aspects in META-Health is that
the human being is not just a body
. We have feelings, emotions, thoughts that affect our health and we are social beings interacting with others.
This all plays a role in our wellbeing.

Therefore in META-Health we look at all levels:
the body – How can we support it and keep it healthy and energized? How we can enhance our vitality? What kind of food, exercises could we apply to keep the body strong and healthy?
the mind – what emotions, stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs are affecting our physical health? Which are causing organ reactions? Which ones need to be release, changed in order to heal?
environment – how the environment, social interactions are affecting what is happening with the body? what changes and alternations need to be incorporated?

META-Therapy looks at what you need for your body, mind and environment to release symptoms and stay healthy.

Another important aspect of META-Health
is that it brings all specialists and disciplines in health care together, forming a platform that integrates all possible therapies and modalities and combines their knowledge and experience with META-Health principles. Thanks to that, it has an enormous potential to enhance and hasten the healing, because once you know where you are in a disease process (which phase) and what contributes to it, then you can choose from a variety of treatments and apply the best approach available to support the natural self-healing mechanisms of your body.

In META-Health community we have health professionals from all fields of practice: doctors, professors, dentists, psychologists, physical therapists, energy psychology therapists etc. Individually we might focus on different aspects of our being, use very different methods and techniques, but we have the same understanding and knowing about the body’s healing intelligence.

META-Health looks at health and disease from a broader perspective (meta means beyond) and gives an understanding of any health issue. It helps to discover the root of the disease and shows that every symptom is a meaningful response to a given stimulus. It is like a road map that connects specific stress with specific organ reaction.

What triggers disease?

There are may risk factors that play a role in regards to health. We know that things like malnutrition, lack of exercises, toxins, side effects of medications, genes etc. can cause disease. There are many risk factors and influences.
The question is – if we all are exposed to them, why some of us get sick and some don’t? Why some people stay healthy while others have symptoms considering that everyone is confronted daily with many risk factors? Why people who eat healthy foods and exercise still get sick?

Let me show you a model from META-Health perspective that explains how we get sick.
There are five points in basic description of this model:
1. Stress Trigger
2. Stress Phase
3. Regeneration Trigger
4. Regeneration Phase
5. Health


1. Stress Trigger

From META-Health perspective there is something called UDIN moment
that  triggers organ reaction. It is a shock, conflict, trauma or event that is unexpected (U), very dramatic and emotional (D), experienced in isolation (I) and we had no strategy to deal with it at that time (N).

Here are some characteristics of UDIN moment:
– depends on our perception – what is shocking for you might not be for someone else
– determines which specific part of the brain will react – if the shock has to do with survival then brain stem, which is the primitive brain, will react
specific part of the brain (e.g. brain stem) sends signal to specific organ tissue that it governs in specific location in the body and the organ reaction/symptom starts
conditioned reflexes can be created at that time – for example apples can unconsciously remind to a child the big argument between parents he witnessed
(e.g. like in an experiment with Pavlov’s dogs – he was giving the food to the dogs and the dogs were salivating. At the same time he was ringing the bell. Then he was only ringing the bell without giving the food and the dogs were still salivating. The brain associated ringing with the food, hence the reaction).
This explains how allergies show up.

2. Stress phase

When we experience UDIN moment our body’s autonomic nervous system is automatically triggered into sympathetic state. This happens to help us deal with the stress trigger, to either fight or flight (run).

Those are characteristics of this state:
– stress, tense body
– sleeplessness, waking up in the middle of the night
– obsessive thinking
– sugar and fast food cravings
– cold hands and feet
– high blood pressure
– digestion organs are put on hold, the blood is directed from digestive track to muscles
– high output of glucose
– increased adrenaline

This is also the time when specific organ reaction starts. There might be:
– cell growth/increased function – e.g. enlargement of breast gland, higher prostate function
– less cells/less function – e.g. break down of muscles, less sensitive skin

During that time we can be very emotional, think constantly about the problem, we may become depressed or competitive.

3. Regeneration Trigger

The stressful conflict can be resolved in few different ways:
real life solution – the situation has changed
(e.g. you had argument with a partner and he/she apologized to you)
change of perception – you see the situation differently
(e.g. you were angry that you lost your job, but now you see that it allows something else to show up in your life)
release triggers and emotions through techniques like EFT, The Work, NLP, etc.

Those resolutions are called Regeneration Triggers, because they trigger the body into regeneration.

4. Regeneration Phase

When the stress trigger, conflict is resolved, then the body’s autonomic nervous system is switching into parasympathetic state to regenerate the body after stress.

Here are characteristics of this state:
– fatigue and tiredness
– good appetite
– weigh gain
– warm hands
– perspiration, hot skin, fever
– low blood pressure
– slow heart rate
– digestion and elimination are amplified

This is the time when we experience inflammations, headaches, pains (e.g. rheumatic), diarrhea, flu, fever, skin rash.

This is also the time when specific organs switch into opposite reaction than in the stress phase. This takes place because the body is always aiming for balance. There might be:
– cell growth/increased function if there was less cells/less function in the stress phase, e.g. now muscles grow, skin becomes more sensitive
– less cells/less function if there was cell growth/increased function in the stress phase, e.g. now there is cell minus of breast gland, less prostate function

On an emotional and mental level we experience sense of relief and peace of mind. The strong emotions and obsessive thinking are gone.

The regeneration phase is as long as the stress phase. But, if we release the stress trigger and emotions from the stress phase using any transformational tool like EFT, NLP, The Work, then the regeneration phase might be much shorter and less painful.

5. Health

When the regeneration phase is over, we come back to health.

This whole process (from point 1 to point 5) takes place IF we had a resolution to our problem. If not, we are still in the stress phase.

How chronic diseases can stay in place then?
– we keep having the same stress trigger in our life and we experience it the same way each time
– there is something that reminds us about the stress trigger – condition reflexes (mentioned above in UDIN description)

In META-Health we call this whole cycle a healing cycle, rather than disease cycle, because the body is actually healing through both phases from the stress trigger.

To make it easier for you to remember it, you can say in short that the disease/healing cycle consists of:
stress phasereliefregeneration phase health

Example of healing cycle:

1. Stress Trigger – UDIN moment – a child comes back home and the parents say to him that the whole family is moving to another town. He is shocked.
U – it is unexpected for him, he didn’t see it coming
D – it is very dramatic for him – he wants to stay with friends and the thought about moving away makes him very sad
I – he experiences this moment in isolation – his parents have different point of view then him and try to convince him, so he feels isolated
N– he has no strategy, he doesn’t know what to do next

2.  Stress Phase – if for this child moving away is loosing physical contact with his friends – the organ that will react is epidermis. This is the organ through which we connect physically with others, we use it to sense the touch. So what the epidermis will do now to help feeling the loss of physical contact less? It will desensitize, it will become less sensitive, pale, cold to help him deal with separation better.

3. Regeneration Trigger – the resolution for this child could be:
the family stays, they don’t move away
– he learns more about the new city and he gets excited, the move out it’s not such a big deal now

4. Regeneration Phase – the epidermis was less sensitive in the stress phase, so now it will become more sensitive, because the body always seeks the balance. It will be red, itchy and warm.

5. After the regeneration is completed, the epidermis will come back to normal sensitivity.

How can you benefit of this information?

I invite you to TESTING this information in your daily life.

Next time when you are in the stress phase and you notice that your muscles are tense, you have cold hands, you crave for sweets, you have obsessive thinking etc, ask yourself:
– What is it that I’m stressing about?
– What has triggered me?
– What could I do to support myself? What emotions could I release?

And if you find yourself in regeneration phase, for example you are tired, have warm hands, perspiration, fever, diarrhoea, you have cold or flu etc, ask yourself:
– What did I resolve?
– What has changed?
– What relief did I experience?
– What was I stressing about before?

Have fun playing with this information and notice how intelligent your body is.


IMMA International Conference – Egypt 2013



This year’s annual IMMA (International META-Medicine Association) conference took place from 8th till 12th of March in an amazing setting – beautiful resort Domina Coral Bay in Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. I must admit that I did not expect such a great time. Everything – accommodation, food, weather, the conference itself and people from all over the world – it was all fantastic! There were about 80 META-Health Professionals from 20 countries across 5 continents. Participants came from as far as Hong Kong and New Zealand.

The atmosphere had such a family type feeling. A lot of laughter and jokes, chatting and sharing information during lunches and evenings, many insights, self-discoveries and aha moments during the relax time at the beach and at the bar. It was great to be able to hang out with skilled and experienced Trainers and Master Trainers and also to do some healing during swap sessions.

I loved that every day we had 3-4 hour break during a day to take the advantage of beautiful sunny weather, sandy beach and the sea. It was great to have time to swim and to relax. On one of the evenings we even went to the desert for a special dinner with shows like belly-dancing, dervish, fire jugglers, snakes. We had a chance to ride a camel and we did loads of dancing. The evening ended with star gazing and singing in the bus on the way back to the resort. That was so much fun!

The conference this year was focused on the new approach of META-Medicine. The name has been changed last year from META-Medicine to META-Health to signify the transition. So, what is the big change? The main goal in META-Medicine is to find the root cause of disease, whereas in META-Health the main goal is health, in other words the focus is not only on reducing symptoms, but to be healthy on all levels. To be META-Healthy means you are aware of your body’s intelligence, your stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your organ symptoms and you take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth. META-Health allows you to find the meaning of your symptoms and take you on a journey to become aware of yourself. It allows you to see what your body and mind needs to be healed. It’s about becoming conscious and evolve as a human being.

We were starting every day with yoga thanks to Johannes Fisslinger – IMMA’s President. I love how Johannes combines yoga with META-Health. This approach allowed me to experience yoga in a different, new, fascinating way. I’m not the morning bird kind of person, but this classes made me get up early 🙂

The lectures we had were very enriching, informative and practical. Joanne Ross and Robert Waghmare were talking about different kinds of beliefs and importance of shifting them to release symptoms. They spoke about how we identify ourselves with our core beliefs, that what we see is only our perception, not the reality itself and that each of us has a model of perceiving reality based on our upbringing and experiences. They talked about health issues as opportunities for personal development and growth.

Lars Mygind gave a great demo on stage to show how to use META-Analysis Process. For me personally this demo was a source of many insights and “aha” moments. Lars spoke also about META-Therapy, how to work with clients, what is essential during sessions, what to avoid and what is essential to use. Dr Anton Bader, an incredibly knowledgeable man, explained from META perspective some of the complex and difficult health issues.

Dr Khaled Aldamallawy, who organised this conference, gave a lecture about science behind META-Health – a great deal of information about researches and scientific studies done by Candace Pert, Dean Ornish, Margaret E Kemeny on stress, emotions, beliefs and how they impact our health. He also talked about work done by Bruce Lipton, John Cairns, HJ Nijhout who explore the activity of genes and their discoveries leading to revelation that genes are affected by our perceptions.

Gaetana Tonti gave a very interesting talk about metastasis which led to open discussion. I’ve learn important information from Rob van Overbruggen’s talk about constellations which lead to psychological issues. He delivered this lecture in a very clear and practical way with lots of space for examining your own knowledge and understanding.

Jasmina Kovacev gave a very informative lecture about working with cancer and other terminal illnesses. Her expertise is based on many years of practice in this field. I like how she described health – that it is not only the absence of symptoms or disease. True health consists of many elements like optimum eating, healthy environment, healthy relationships, emotional balance, being mentally active, being fit and exercise, practicing spiritual life. Jasmina highlighted many important components of working with serious issues and pinpointed areas that needs to be taken care of in order to boost the self-healing abilities of the body-mind. She said that cancer is a wake up call and cited shamanic saying: “Disease will leave its host when it can not recognize it any more”.

Dr Kwesi Anan Odum spoke about Traditional Chinese Medicine and its 5 elements combined with META-Health explaining even deeper level of interconnectedness. As META-Health is the health on all levels, there was also a presentation by Lene Hansson, an author of many books about food, about the importance of nutrition in order to support our body’s vitality and health.

The last day of the conference was all about practice. There were exercises in small groups, each supported by one of the Master Trainers. It was time for brain storming, presenting elevator pitch and mini-talk. Very valuable and very insightful! The conference was finished with very joyful ceremony – participants were awarded with new certificates and four new Master Trainers were recognized by IMMA.

It is hard to describe in words how beneficial events like this one are. The opportunity to talk to other like-minded people, exchange information, swap sessions – all of it has enormous value. To spend time with those people was for me a great privilege and pleasure.

After the conference Johannes Fisslinger wrote: “To see health professionals from all fields of practice like doctors, professors, dentists, psychologists, neurologists, physical therapists, energy psychology therapists in one room all accepting and honouring each other is a sight I would like to see more often. One of the powerful benefits of META-Health and META-Medicine is the shared common language and platform of how body-mind-social work. Individually we might focus on different aspects of our being, use very different methods and techniques but deep down we have the same understanding and knowing about our body’s healing intelligence.”


I’d like to take this opportunity and thank all of those who organized this conference, specially dr Khaled Aldamallawy and his team. You made me feel so welcomed and I loved to be in your country.

The next annual IMMA International Conference will be in UK in Solihull next year. The main 3-day conference is open to all and is followed by two days of Advanced Training for META-Health Professionals.

Conference details: 
Main Conference: Friday 12th – Sunday 14th September 2014
META-Health Advanced Training: Monday 15th – Tuesday 16th September 2014
Venue: The St Johns Hotel, Solihull,West Midlands, B91 1AT

For more information please go to: IMMA International Conference – UK 2014

For a list of presenters and subjects covered and to access the Egypt Videos please visit: IMMA International Conference – Egypt 2013

What is the message behind the symptoms?

META-Health –decoding your body’s intelligence

Do you sometimes ask yourself why you get sick? Why in a particular time? Why this or that kind of illness? What is actually causing the disease? Are there any specific emotions that contribute to it? What can I do to heal naturally?

META-Health is a very broad model that explores those questions. It is based on natural laws and describes what contributes to specific organ reactions. In others words it takes you to the cause. META-Health analysis process allows you to get aware of your triggers and once you know them you’re able to support your body in releasing them and then the body can heal quicker and for good. But not only this. When you become aware of what triggers stress and disease in your life you can use it as a prevention and more over as a powerful tool on your personal development path.

What I love about META-Health is that once you know how your body works and what is behind symptoms you become aware of yourself and you know how to support your body in self-healing. More over META-Health shows that symptoms are very meaningful reactions to given stimulus. The organ that reacts to a specific trigger is the one that is the best to deal with it. How intelligent is that? The body knows exactly what to do, we just didn’t know what was going on.

One of the main META-Health principles is that disease process consists
of 2 phases. Firstly there is a stress phase which is triggered usually by some dramatic, emotional shock, trauma or conflict. Therefore it is so important to release emotions and limiting beliefs behind those experiences, instead of just dealing with the symptoms. The stress phase lasts as long as we are stressing about the initial shock or conflict. This is the time when specific organ reaction starts. Then, if the initial shock or conflict is resolved, the body goes in the regeneration phase – it is the time for the body to restore balance after the stress phase. And this is the time when we experience symptoms like colds, flues, fever, inflammation, swelling. This is the period when we are very tired and the body needs to rest. We call those symptoms diseases, but in fact the body is healing from the initial shock. “Sometimes symptoms can be difficult, uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous. But if you look at them from a META point of view and sense the deeper meaning instead of fighting against them, you will realize the intelligence of your body-mind and will heal and grow as a person.”

For example eczema is body reaction for physical separation conflict. How is that possible? Our skin is our boundary with outside world, it is the organ through which we come into physical contact with others. In the stress phase, when we are physically separated from a loved one and we have strong emotional reaction to it, our skin becomes cold, pale and less sensitive to help us deal with this separation better. If we are back with this person again our skin can now regenerate and repair after stress phase – therefore it becomes red, itchy and very sensitive. It is because our body has natural tendency to balance. Usually it’s the babies and children that have eczema the most, because the physical contact is extremely important for them and they experience the partings with mums, family, peers in a very strong, emotional way. The skin helps them handle the situation.

If you are working with clients who have health issues META-Health can become a powerful tool in your practice, a road map that can help you much quicker find the information and clues where the disease started, what has triggered it and what needs to be released in order to support self-healing. The analysis process will help you to find specific conflicts, emotions and beliefs behind the symptoms. It will also show you where the client is in the healing process and will help the client to decide what would be the best to support the body in terms of nutrition, changes in environment as well as what medical treatment and interventions to undergo. META-Health integrates all healing disciplines – traditional, complementary and alternative. It can be used by doctors, nutritionists, homeopaths, EFT Practitioners, Reiki Healers and so on.

For me personally coming across META-Health was a pivotal point in my life. Before I was afraid of disease, I saw it as a bad luck or punishment and I thought that my body was against me. Now I can honestly say that me and my body are a team and now when anything happens in regards to my health I listen very carefully and mindfully and I give my body time and support to self-regulate and self-heal.

As a society we are taught to be afraid of disease and that it needs to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. I personally think that it’s like keeling the messenger before he delivers the message. Thanks to META-Health me and my clients can be more present and still and understand what our bodies are telling us. We finally have the key to physical, emotional and mental health – the key to wellbeing.

The quote comes from eBOOK by Johannes Fisslinger “META-Health, Decoding your body’s intelligence”.

Excerpt from brand-new META-Health eBOOK.

“Our painbody is an accumulation of painful experiences and emotions we did not consciously and fully face the moment it arose. It leaves behind an energy imprint in our body (organs and brain) and every time the pain body is triggered (through an outer or inner stress trigger) our organism will react with mindbody symptoms.
It is our job to be fully present when the pain body shifts from dormant to active, when something triggers a very strong mindbody (emotion-organ) reaction. At that moment, when it takes over your mind, our painbody becomes the voice talking to you internally. Everything this voice in your head says to you is deeply colored by the old, painful emotions of the painbody. Everything it says, every judgment about your life experience, the people involved, the situation you are facing will be totally distorted by the old emotional pain.
If you are not present then you are identified with the painbody and believe every negative thought that it is telling you. Identification with your mind, being unconscious and allowing the reactive patterns to repeat again and again causes thought to become compulsive. Suddenly, your mind is racing, your emotions are raging and your body is reacting with symptoms to adjust to the new life situation.
By connecting with the Now and being present this moment, listening to the voice inside our head, noticing the repetitive thought patterns and feeling our body sensations you start to take your first step towards higher consciousness.”

Fisslinger, Johannes R., META-Health – Decoding your body’s intelligence
META-Health Publishing, Kindle Edition.

Please go to www.meta-health.info to get more information about this excellent eBOOK and about special bonus gifts that are coming with it.

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Johannes Fisslinger – “META-Health – A Revolutionary New Healing Paradigm”
Did you ever wonder why you got ill? Do you have symptoms and just don’t know what to do? Curious about which stress triggers and emotions influence your illnesses? Do you want to know why your current health beliefs may be damaging to your health? Discover the hidden truths about your body’s intelligence, the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection and the 5 major Points and Phases of Healing.

META-Health is a new health paradigm to identify the stress triggers and e-motions connected with illness and to use awareness and conscious actions for self-healing. Explore how your beliefs about disease and health shape your destiny and how specific stress trigger and emotions affects specific organs and disease symptoms. Most important you will learn how to reset your beliefs and find ways to heal yourself using cutting-edge self-healing and consciousness techniques.

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META-Health and the Five Elements

Join my fantastic teacher Susanne Billander and Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum for a 1 hour webinar about expanding META-Health and META-Medicine with the knowledge about the five elements from Chinese Medicine.

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